After studying for a few months with the most popular GMAT resources, I was still unable to achieve a good Quant score, averaging 45 points in mock exams. That was when I decided to enter the course, which took me to a much higher level, scoring 51 and a total GMAT score of 760 in my first exam only two months later.

Rafael Madruga Matos

Columbia MBA

Fabio´s teaching method and style are highly differentiated, and I can definitely say that they were essential to achieve the score I needed to get into top MBA programs. I had already done 2 courses previously, but right after starting GMATH classes I already felt a huge difference in how to approach the quant section: simple ways to attack complex problems made all the difference!

Katharina Davies

Yale MBA

The GMATH methodology is perfect. The course not only teaches the concepts but also helps the student in dominating theory, time and anxiety through mock exams and their corresponding performance analyses. The process is so well developed that with hard work any student will gradually and naturally improve. Furthermore, knowledge acquired will be valuable for grad school and beyond.

Carlos Augusto Kawakami

Columbia EMBA

Fabio not only has a mastery of mathematics, but he is an incredible teacher and instructor who quickly identifies our weaknesses and strengths. Fabio is really valuable in delivering a study method that helps you succeed with confidence and no waste of time. I strongly recommend GMATH for the ambitious candidates.

Alvaro Corletto Costa

Professor Fabio has built a unique methodology that prepares his students to thrive in the GMAT exam under any circumstance. No tricks or gimmicks: you'll learn real math and build problem solving skills that will help not only in your GMAT exam but also in the remainder of your career.

quant GMAT
Daniel Moreira

Columbia MBA

GMATH was the most important study tool that I came across while applying for an MBA: it was crucial to improve my GMAT score and the best way to prepare for my MBA classes. As a lawyer, my math background was not my strength, but the GMATH method helped me think logically and structure problems better, which was fundamental to my journey at MIT.

quant GMAT course
Tamires Vilela


Fabio was extremely important in helping me succeed in the GMAT. His course not only exceeds in preparing you for the test with all those tricky questions, but also gives you the tools to solve the most difficult questions! If it weren´t for his assistance, I’d probably not have achieved the result I needed to apply for a top school. Highly recommended!

math GMAT
Fernando Damato


Although there are innumerous courses offering quantitative preparation, only GMATH focus on the rigorous and in-depth knowledge that will be necessary to excel on the test. The method combines excellence in quantitative skills with state-of-the-art test taking strategies. These characteristics helped me to be efficient on entry level questions and also to be prepared to endure and solve the most difficult problems. Professor Fabio is concerned on showing the most efficient and accurate techniques for the GMAT and his method created a mindset that became part of the way I think about problems at work or in my daily life.

Lucas Zacharias
 ,  Duque MBA

The GMATH method is 100% GMAT-focused and based on the development of precise and effortless problem solving skills. Besides that, Fabio´s knowledge and passion for math transcends the exam and instilled in me a lasting appreciation for the subject.

GMAT prep
Fernando Serra de Souza

UC Irvine MBA

I´m visually impaired and thus had special needs that Fabio was fantastic in addressing in live classes. What I particularly liked about Fabio´s method is that it offers flexibility, speaking to each person´s individual assets without violating strong techniques and very practical general rules.

online quant GMAT
Lucas de Abreu Maia

University of California  Ph.D Studies

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