Each class is a 50min-live zoom session

Study Plans

(Prices are for individual classes. We offer 20% and 30% discounts for groups.)

Sporadic Classes

US$ 72 /session
  • Topic-oriented
  • free scheduling
  • No time change
  • Personalized homework
  • Recorded session for study

3-Classes Per Week

US$ 45 /session
  • Topics/Full Course
  • fixed schedule
  • 2 time changes/package
  • Structured homework
  • Recorded session for study
For exactly 180 running days, counting from the day you receive your online material related to your first class.
If you need extra time for studying, you will have one month after the expiration to ask for a 'time extension' acquisition.
When you choose the 2-classes per week study plan you pay in advance for every 6-session group of classes.
For the 3-classes per week study pan you pay in advance for every 9-session group of classes.
There is no refunding. That´s why we offer a 'initial talk' and the first class for free!
Feel free to contact us if you have (say) two friends to form a group.
We offer 20% [30%] discount on each package acquired by each of two [three to five] people studying together.
Yes, but only if you have chosen the 'Full Course' option. In this case you will have 6 mocks, one every 3/4 parts of the 20 parts full course!
If you suspend or withdraw from your course no refunding will be made for the classes eventually remaining in the last package paid, but no fees will be charged. You will receive the videos and practice exercise lists you have paid for, even if you do not intend to use them!

Any doubts?