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Fernando Serra de Souza

The GMATH method is 100% focused and based on the development of precise and effortless problem solving skills. Besides that, Fabio´s knowledge and passion for math transcends the exam and instilled a lasting appreciation for the subject.

Katharina Davies

Fabio´s teaching method and style are highly differentiated, and I can definitely say that they were essential to achieve the score I needed to get into top MBA programs. Simple ways to attack complex problems made all the difference!

Carlos Augusto Kawakami

The GMATH methodology is perfect. The course not only teaches the concepts but also helps the student in dominating theory, time and anxiety through mock exams and their performance analyses. Furthermore, knowledge acquired will be valuable for grad school and beyond.

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." (G. Orwell)

Prof. Fabio Skilnik

Fábio Skilnik is a bachelor in mechanical engineering graduated at the Universidade de São Paulo, where he also got his Masters (and started his PhD studies) in Pure Mathematics.
In 1999 he was introduced to the quantitative section of the GMAT by (helping) his brother Claudio (Columbia MBA).  GMATH was founded in the next year and since then hundreds of students had excelled in their tests assisted by their beloved 'Doctore'.
Mr. Skilnik was a Senior Teacher of Mathematics at St Paul´s School (Sao Paulo) where he taught the IB Mathematics programme (SL/HL).

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